Selasa, 07 Oktober 2008

How To make Online Money by Affiliate Program : Flixya

Flixya is social networking ( imagine youtube ) that give you 100 % ads revenue on posting video, picture, article etc..
this article preview Flixya, its by my own experience, you can use it as guide if its worth or not to you...its all up to you..

Imagine..How if you own youtube, flickr, and friendster of your own !

some of you maybe have already know that google has buy Youtube for 1,6 billion dollars !, google consider Youtube as a huge "money machine" social networking media, HOW ?

Youtube become the largest place for people to sharing their video and then people around the world attracted to Youtube (from people to people )LoL ^_^, so when people came, Youtube get a lot of money from adsense...
Now think ! ..what have you get when you put your video in Youtube ? Nothing LoL !!!, in Flixya youll get paid ! WOW, but How and how much i get ?

its simple, imagine you get "your own youtube", so if you post a video (or pic, and article ) youll have ads right ?..and from that ads youll get money..

amazing, and no limits ...

Question is...why i must join flixya, if i can post (embed) video on my own blog..?

i personaly have 2 answer for that question ( remember i'm not push you to join flixya, coz i get nothing Lol ^_^ )

1.SEO !, see Flixya is "big Boy", if you chose to built a blog to share your video and hope money from it, go ahead, its no problem, but if you want seriously to make money ( i really mean "make big money" ) than you must do lot of SEO job, including submit to blog directories, social bookmarks, maintain search engine position, stand again rival blog/web etc..(hmm its difficult, believe me), but in Flixya..youll got good start in Search engine position, and has "good merk" in public, so it is more easy to put your video to popular in Flixya instead in your blog. (wise man says " if you cant beat them, join them..)

2. two hand better than 1 hand, if you want make "video share" blog or web its okay...but put in Flixya also good, its make 25 to 1000 $ per month (if you are good enaugh , so you got 2 hand, better than 1 right ?^_^

Minus :

1. Important, you must already have "google adsense account"before join in Flixya !, yes, because Flixya pay every ads to google adsense account so you must have it first !

2. the "ads" is not appear to member who logged to other words, let say you already as Flixya member, and then you go to Flixya home page and Log In, and then you surfing there, but youll not see ads there....question is : so how do other member including me got click in their ads...the answer is, ads only can clicked by not member visitor, or member who are not log in, ..(this is sad..)

3. your google adsense account and your Flixya is connected, so please becarefully if you doing mistake in Flixya, the affect is also on your google adsense account (dont submit porn pic, porn video, and dont click your own ads)

1. Like i said before, its better have 2 hand than 1 hand, built also your social network on Flixya !

2. Flixya already have big name and search engine position (coz they connected with adsense ?0)
so the chance your post is popular is big

3. its simple coz payment connected to your adsense account

4. Flixya give 100 % of the income from clicked adsense to you !
Strategy :

1. use Flixya as "Machine" to secure search engine position, the advantage of Flixya to ordinary blog is Flixya are "big Boys" so threat them as big boys too, put your Flixya page as part of your "money machine plan", maximise them, put the link every where, try to attract more visitors to your page not to Flixya home page....!

2. try to make good relation wit your neighbour in Flixya, use it as social networks as friendster or myspace, if you has alot of friend then chance of visitor come to you is bigger !

here is my video to Flixya

or my picture

You can join Flixya from there..(flixya doesnt have referral bonus, Hiekzzz)

if You want to discuse Flixya join our FORUM here